Herbal Medicine at Metro Acupuncture in Atlanta

East Asian herbal medicine utilizes plants, minerals, and animals for medicinal purposes and has a recorded history of thousands of years. 

Here are some common uses and effects of East Asian herbal medicine:  

Promoting General Health:  

Longevity and wellness are two of the foundational focuses of East Asian medicine and are often used to support overall well-being and vitality.  

Specific Conditions:  

East Asian herbal medicine is highly effective for addressing specific health concerns such as infertility, dysmenorrhea, digestive issues, insomnia, headaches, respiratory conditions, mood disturbances, and pain

Reducing Inflammation:  

Several East Asian herbs possess anti-inflammatory properties, which can alleviate inflammatory-related pain.  

The Immune System:  

Patients have taken seasonally appropriate herbs for thousands of years to maintain health. For example, herbs are taken prophylactically during the fall and winter to support health during cold and flu season. There are specific herbs to prevent infections and illnesses. 

Balancing Hormones:  

East Asian herbal medicine has a significant recorded history of using herbs to improve the endocrine and reproductive system. Herbal medicine has been successfully prescribed to regulate hormonal imbalances, particularly in conditions related to reproductive health.  

Supporting Mental Health:  

Whether it be decreasing anxiety, improving sleep, or reducing depression, herbal medicine has mood-stabilizing effects, making it helpful in managing stress.  

Alleviating Pain:  

The analgesic properties of herbs can be profound. Herbal medicine decreases pain and improves function with chronic and acute injuries.  

Improving Digestion:  

Herbs targeted towards gut health can aid digestion by promoting the secretion of digestive enzymes and decreasing inflammation in the digestive tract.  

Managing Chronic Conditions:  

Herbal medicine can even help manage chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis and reduce the need for more potent pharmaceutical medication.  

Chinese Herbal Medicine in Georgia

With many large-chain drugstores, grocery stores, discount stores, and multi-level marketers selling supplements, herbs, and vitamins, it is unsurprising that the consumer can become easily confused and misinformed. To assist you in using herbal medicine in a way that is helpful and not harmful, please note the following: 

Responsible East Asian herbal medicine prescribing: 

  • A qualified, licensed practitioner selects specific formulas for you and your condition. Our practitioners have master’s degrees in Oriental Medicine with over 900 hours in didactic and clinical coursework in Chinese Herbal Pharmacology. 
  • Herbal formulas are formulated for the patient, not for the disease. 
  • Utilizes quality herbs manufactured by reputable companies with strict quality assurance measures that test for sulfites and other contaminants. 
  • Utilizes traditional East Asian herbal formulas that have been used safely and effectively for thousands of years. 

Metro Acupuncture dispenses herbal formulas from companies that adhere to strict quality assurance measures. These companies are well-established and have been crafting herbal formulas for decades. Their quality assurance protocols check for heavy metals, drug adulterants, and microbial contaminants. Their factories are all GMP-certified and use pharmaceutical-grade techniques. Our acupuncture clinic offers traditional Chinese herbal medicine to patients in Georgia. Are you interested in starting a Chinese herbal formula to enhance your well-being or address a specific health condition? We are here to help. Schedule your consultation online.