In 2009, fifteen years ago this week, I, Dr. Mark Lewinter, traveled from Atlanta, Georgia, to Palm Springs, California, to take an exam administered by The Acupuncture and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine and become an official fellow of this organization. Passing ABORM’s exam validated my proficiency and understanding of acupuncture for patients diagnosed with infertility and undergoing IVF. You can learn more about this organization at 

The inception of ABORM in 2007 was driven by the need for a certification that ensures acupuncturists practicing in the field of fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) possess advanced knowledge in integrative evidence-based care. Currently, while any acupuncturist can claim to specialize in treating infertility, becoming an ABORM fellow not only validates their expertise but also allows them to demonstrate their knowledge through an examination process. 

Preparing for this exam deepened my understanding of treating infertility from both an East Asian perspective and within the context of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Passing this test meant joining a group of acupuncturists committed to going beyond merely claiming to specialize in treating patients with infertility. 

Back in 2009, when I took the ABORM test, I had already spent eight years working with women diagnosed with infertility, thanks to Dr. Lisa Hasty, one of the founders of the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Following the publication of a 2002 study by Paulus et al. in Fertility and Sterility, which demonstrated the potential benefits of acupuncture around the time of embryo transfer, Dr. Hasty began referring many of her IVF patients to me at Metro Acupuncture. This significantly enhanced my expertise in providing acupuncture for patients diagnosed with infertility, enabling me to assist thousands through their IVF journeys and witness egg retrievals and transfers firsthand. 

Over the years, I have continued to add value to the IVF community in Atlanta, becoming a trusted acupuncturist for several of the city’s top fertility clinics, including the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, Shady Grove Fertility, and Reproductive Biology Associates. My commitment to supporting patients through their fertility treatments remains strong. 

For IVF patients considering acupuncture, I highly recommend consulting with an acupuncturist who is an ABORM fellow. Such certification demonstrates significant competency. ABORM also requires fellows to complete 10 hours of continuing education annually, ensuring that ABORM fellows stay informed about the latest advancements and techniques in reproductive medicine, and how acupuncture and East Asian Medicine can improve outcomes for patients diagnosed with infertility. 

IVF can be a complex and challenging experience for both patients and practitioners. Every day, I help patients diagnosed with infertility, and they, in turn, provide new insights that continually improve my acupuncture treatments. I am grateful for the opportunity to use my training as an acupuncturist to help IVF patients feel better physically and emotionally, and potentially improve their fertility treatment outcomes. If you’re considering adding acupuncture to your IVF protocol, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can easily schedule your initial appointment online. We look forward to meeting you in person.