October 12, 2016

Pain Management

Acupuncture for Pain Management

Looking for pain relief? Acupuncture is proven to help.

While many serious acute conditions such as injuries and illnesses require the immediate attention of a qualified MD, acupuncture provides benefits both independently of and as a complement to Western pain management treatments.

Treating chronic painful conditions can be complex for Eastern and Western medicine, and many people suffer from chronic pain. Often, there is not one single answer to relieve pain. The patient’s level of discomfort may not correlate with the medical tests and findings. Patients can be in extreme pain even when all tests report that everything is normal.

Many Western medicines are effective for pain management; however, it is possible to wean off or discontinue some medicines completely with the use of acupuncture, thereby avoiding medication side effects, tolerance, and addiction. The body’s restorative ability is miraculous and our Atlanta acupuncture treatments provide a way for the body to heal from the inside out.

Our Atlanta, Georgia practice is staffed with board certified MD acupuncturists and board certified licensed acupuncturists offering acupuncture and herbal medicine for patients diagnosed with chronic or acute pain.

At Metro Acupuncture, our acupuncturists have a vast medical training that offers us the ability to treat each patient’s pain from many perspectives. Our Atlanta acupuncture clinic provides individualized acupuncture treatments. One of our keys to success in relieving pain among patients in the Atlanta area is our personal approach to healing. Call our Atlanta acupuncture clinic at 404-255-8388 for an appointment today.