October 9, 2016


Acupuncture for Pain Relief and Many Other Conditions

Acupuncture involves the painless insertion of very fine needles into the body in order to generate a movement of energy, or qi. The consultation includes gathering a full history with Western and Eastern medical detail, and the evaluation includes examination of the pulse, and observation of the tongue. With this your acupuncturist develops a Chinese medical diagnosis, and creates an acupuncture treatment plan with the style and approach which best suits your needs. During acupuncture treatment meridians, or channels in the body are activated which connect to underlying tissues and organs. We often treat acupuncture points on the forearm and lower legs, the head or trunk, and points on the ears. Occasionally, heat or electroacupuncture are used to enhance the action of the acupuncture.

Generally, our practitioners see patients weekly for several visits, and then begin to put more space in between appointments as tolerated. Often patients will maintain seasonal visits throughout the year to address variations in health and for preservation of well-being. For other issues such as sports injuries or support during an IVF cycle, a shorter duration of acupuncture treatments is necessary.

Acupuncture Services in Atlanta for All Ages

Acupuncture is very well tolerated, even by babies and children, and is low risk compared to many medical therapies, with minor bleeding and bruising the most common side effects.

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