October 12, 2016

Pediatric Care in Atlanta

Pediatric Acupuncture

Since 1998, Metro Acupuncture has a proven track record of providing excellent care for children. We are the only acupuncture practice in Georgia that is credentialed at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the country.

Being a healthy child provides the foundation for becoming a healthy adult. When our children are ill, we want the best options available for them. Chinese Medicine has a rich history of successful treatment for children over thousands of years. In the 11th century, Qian Yi, a well-known physician in China wrote the first pediatric textbook- The Key to Therapeutics of Children’s Diseases.

Our Atlanta acupuncture practice provides a safe health care alternative that can be very effective in treating both acute and chronic pediatric conditions. In fact, a study published in the journal, Pediatrics*, concluded that pediatric patients found acupuncture treatment pleasant and helpful and reported that symptoms were relieved.

At Metro Acupuncture in Atlanta, Georgia, our goal is to provide each child a successful and reassuring experience. Children historically respond very well to treatment. It is also quite common for children to not only respond immediately and positively to treatment for the issue at hand, but to also improve in other aspects of health and wellness.

Children’s issues can include chronic pain, headaches, enuresis (bed-wetting), constipation, allergies, ADD/ADHD, cancer treatment side effects and a host of digestive disturbances. Often, needle use is limited and other modalities are introduced such as Chinese massage techniques, moxibustion, herbal supplementation and dietary recommendations.

To learn more about our Atlanta pediatric acupuncture services or to schedule a pediatric acupuncture appointment, give us a call at 404-255-8388.

*Pediatrics. 2000 Apr;105(4 Pt 2): 941-7.