October 9, 2016

Herbology Atlanta

Your Atlanta Herbalist and You

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a powerful method of healing and encourages healing nature’s way. It is frequently utilized along with acupuncture to restore balance and improve function on a broader path. It’s more gradual than Western Pharmaceuticals, and has fewer side effects. Please feel free to discuss with us how Chinese Herbal Medicine may be helpful to you.

Chinese Herbal Medicine in Atlanta

With many large-chain drugstores, grocery stores, discount stores, and multi-level marketers selling supplements, herbs, and vitamins, it is not surprising that the consumer can become easily confused and misinformed. In an effort to assist you in using herbs in a way that is helpful and not harmful, please note the following:

Responsible Chinese Herbal medicine Prescribing:

  • Is performed by a qualified, licensed practitioner. Our practitioners have Masters Degrees in Oriental Medicine with over 900 hours in didactic and clinical coursework in Chinese Herbal Pharmacology.
  • Is individually formulated for the patient, not for the disease.
  • Utilizes quality herbs manufactured by a reputable company with strict quality assurance measures in place that test for sulfites and other contaminants.
  • Utilizes traditional Chinese formulas that have been used safely and effectively in China for thousands of years.
  • Is prescribed with an understanding of possible negative side effects and interactions with Western medicines.

The companies from which we order our herbs have strict quality assurance measures in place. These companies are well established and have been in business for decades. Their quality assurance protocols check for heavy metal contaminants, drug adulterants, and microbial contaminants. Their factories are all GMP-certified and use pharmaceutical grade techniques.

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